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The Australian Girls Choir (AGC) is a fantastic choir made up of 6,000 girls from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Australia. The touring choir is made up of 56 girls aged 10 to 17. This dynamic group visited Graz this past fall, one of six destinations on their 2018 International tour. GIBS students had the opportunity to host these talented girls from September 27 – October 1.
On Thursday evening the AGC met their host families in front of GIBS. They had dinner with their families and we started getting to know them. On Friday the girls came along to school and did workshops with the year one and two students. They also gave a marvelous concert for all GIBS students and their host families. The GIBS junior choir performed the final song together with AGC. It was a really great experience to sing with these gifted girls. After the concert the girls got a tour of Schloss Eggenberg. They said that they thought it was beautiful! The girls spent the afternoon with their host families. For example, we went downtown with our girls to do a little shopping and give them a tour of Graz.
On Saturday the AGC had a tour of Riegersburg and went to the chocolate factory Zotter. They really enjoyed their outing!
Sunday was a really fun day. The girls had a free day, which meant the host families could take them on day trips. We took our girls to Der Wilde Berg Mautern. Other families went to Schöckl and other attractions around Graz.
All in all, I think this was a great experience. I really hope to see my host sisters from Australia again. I had a great time and learned a lot about Australia. For example, there are really kangaroos around and you might run into one on your way to school. Maybe some day I will even go to Australia to visit them.
Zoe Maletz, 3c


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