Arrividerci ROMA

Our traditional week to Rome in fall had to be postponed due to the current Covid restrictions in October 2021, but finally, at the end of June, we were able to go. Among the highlights were the breathtaking view from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica (after having climbed a lot of stairs), the stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers on Piazza Navona, and the bumpy rides in rather crowded busses over (seemingly antique) Roman cobblestone streets. We survived the heatwave (up to 36 degrees in the shade) Mediterranean style – with extended siestas, fabulous ice cream, and continuous stops at the omnipresent drinking fountains called “nasoni”. (There are approximately 2,500–2,800 of them in Rome, supplying people with free drinking water.) We visited many famous sights and places with Mrs. Schatz and Mrs. Knapp, and we also spent an afternoon in Ostia at the beach (Hakuna Matata).

Vatican State was the best – although we had to wear a vest.

We did not see the Pope – but there is still hope.

In our room without fan it was too hot in Rome – so we liked the idea of going back home –

in an airconditioned coach; with Erwin our cool driver, the 600-mile-trip was a reviver.

Dum colosseum stabit, Roma stabit; dum Roma stabit, mundus stabit.

(7bi Latin Students, Daniela Knapp, Ursula Schatz)

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