7abi – Dona nobis Romam

On the 1st of October 2022 we could finally start our traditional and beloved trip to Rome without any covid restrictions (except for the masks on Rome’s buses). The whole trip was a highlight. One of the most spectacular things was the Basilica of Saint Paul where we sang “Dona Nobis Pacem” – out of solidarity with Ukraine. Another highlight of the trip was our late-night visit to Fontana di Trevi – where we all made wishes, by throwing coins in the fountain (preferably with 50 cents coins from Rome, showing Marcus Aurelius). After each long day of walking tours (+25 000 steps) guided by Mrs. Schatz and Mrs. Greimel, we enjoyed delicious Italian dinners and fantastic ice cream at Giolitti’s. Besides Rome, we also went to Ostia Antica – an ancient Roman city which also had a nearby beach called Ostia Lido where we enjoyed a lovely picnic and built sandcastles.

(7abi students, Ema Varejkova 7b and Anya Mohiden 7a)

We never lost our motivation to sing for peace in churches with great determination.

Once a monk thought we were singing too loud, so he made us leave quickly and join the outside crowd.


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