6c Exploring the USA

On the 20th of April 6c started their unforgettable journey to the States. First Mr. Fröhlich, Ms. Pfistermüller and 21 GIBS students from 6c visited New York City, where we got the chance to admire many of its famous sights like Central Park, Staten Island Ferry, Empire State Building at Night, 9/11 Museum, the Natural History Museum, Chinatown and Times Square.

Our trip continued in Minneapolis where we stayed with our host families and got to experience the American lifestyle (prom night included) and High school life at South High and got a chance to mingle with Chinese students, Afro-American youngsters,  Somali immigrants as well as young people from the Native American tribe of the Ojibwes. Further a group of four brave students (Carina Krenn, Temuulen Gantumur, Christoph Vosen, Isabel Walcher) were invited to give insights into Austrian and German movies/films at the University of Minnesota for an intimidating audience of 400 High School students from all over Minnesota, who were stunned and thrilled by our 20 minutes’ powerpoint, Kahoot quiz and Q&A session. Congratulations!! Proven one more time,  GIBS students are fearless and eloquent.

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