What 1c learned and loved @ Herberstein

Cheetahs are very fast! – Amina

Monkeys climb over everything. – Anna

I like the lion’s mane. – Paula

The prairie dogs are small and cute. – Johanna

The monkeys climb up the trees. – Linda

The male monkeys swing on the vines. – Clara

Cheetahs have beautiful fur. – Felix

I’m fascinated by the monkeys because they’re so close to people. – Nils

The baby monkeys are very cute. – Sophie

The prairie dogs are cute and run everywhere. – Johannes

The green meerkats are not green but olive green. – Maria

Goats eat leaves. – Patrick

Monkeys climb up the trees. – Stella

Monkeys are fascinating because they are just like people but run like monkeys. – Emma

I like the lions’ roar. – Rhea

I like the monkeys climbing up the trees. – Mara

The cheetah runs really fast. – Dominik

The lion is very big. – Paul

The lions were fascinating. – Ella

Leopards can run fast because they put their claws in the ground and that’s why they don’t slip. – Hannah

Monkeys have huge hands. – Jana

Monkeys can jump further than I thought. – Sophia

I like the lions because they are very rare. – Oscar

I liked everything but my favourite part were the monkeys. – Enzo

The cheetahs are beautiful. – Vali

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