1c in Hirschegg

Hirschegg was an amazing adventure for all of us.1c and Miss Greimel, Mr.Hois and Miss Havaron met at 8:30 .The weather was beautiful. Everybody said goodbye to their parents and then the adventure began. We drove one and a half hours to Hirschegg and sang on the coach.A few people slept on the bus. When we arrived in Hirschegg we hiked up to the Bernsteinhütte. All in one we hiked for about three hours. Miss Havaron told us a lot of funny jokes. We all drank a cool drink at the Bernsteinhütte. Then we hiked back to our hut were we stayed for the following two days. Every day a few kids cooked or did the dishes. In the evening Mr. Hois made a fantastic barbeque. It was delicious! At night we did a small torch-walk. Then we went to sleep… The second day we had a treasure-hunt. We went to the village and searched for things like flowers or mica. Than we ate out in the village. When we came home to our hut again we played a lot of games with Miss Scofield, Ms Havaron, Mrs Greimel and Mr.Hois. When it was about 11 pm we had a party in the dining-room. There was very loud music and we all performed a quick show. The party was for about 1 to 2 hours . At night we all were very tired and went to bed.  The last day went by fast .We only had breakfast,and packed our stuff. Then we finished writing our diaries and drove home by bus and soon we were back at Gibs again. We all really enjoyed Hirschegg very much!

Eva Hayat- Dawoodi, 1C

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