1c @ Herberstein

On October 9th, 1c students enjoyed their first GIBS Biology excursion. We visited the Herberstein zoo to in connection with our study unit on animals. We had wonderful weather and a wonderful time!

Nini Heugle, Markus Trofaier


Comments from 1c Students:

I liked that we saw so many animals.

Feeding the lions.

My favorite part was seeing the tigers eating.

I love the monkeys.

I liked the lioness.

I liked that we had not been sitting the whole day in school.

Watching the lions eat the big pieces of meat.

The lions because they are big and strong animals.

The cheetah because it is a beautiful animal, but funny with its little head.

The cheetahs because they were really close to us and they looked cool and strong.  There were two.

I liked the baby monkeys because they were so small and fluffy and had big eyes and ears.

I like the dschelada monkeys.  They are sweet.

I liked the lions and that the zookeeper told us a lot about them and we got to see them eating.

My favorite cat is the lion.  I really liked the lioness – die Löwen-Dame, weil sie weniger aggressiv war.

I liked watching the lions eat the meat because it looked so cool and elegant.

I liked the lions very much.

I liked hearing about the animals from the zookeeper and I thought the skulls of the lion, monkey and leopard were very interesting.

I liked the lions (looked nice and were hungry) and the cheetahs (were very interesting to look at and were Königlich).

My favorite animals at the zoo were the baby monkeys.

My favorite part was the petting zoo, especially the goat.

I liked the baby monkeys and the petting zoo and the lions.

I liked the lions and the cheetahs!

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