Путовање у београд — Trip to Belgrade

Last weekend a delegation of GIBS students, as part of the Eastern European Studies course, visited Belgrade the capital of Serbia. We packed up our things, passport and dinars to head to Belgrade; two-time capital of the former Yugoslavia! The bus trip was quicker than we thought and soon we were wandering through the Celto-Roman fortress and imposing Orthodox Cathedrals! We tried the local cuisine, visited the football stadiums as well as making some important historical and political stops along the way. We are were especially delighted to have the opportunity to speak with three very active NGO’s in the city; CRTA dealing with Democracy and Transparency, ForumZFD a German initiative organising peacebuilding projects and KOMS which trains young people on youth policy and advocacy. We also visited one school to meet local students and get an insight into their daily life, noting their differences and similarities.
The students really enjoyed their time in Belgrade and they really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about life in Serbia!

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