GIBS Summer School

GIBS Summer School is a fun week-long summer day camp for kids from 8-11 that will improve your child’s English skills though entertaining methods. At GIBS Summer School, our goal is to offer an educational program that strays as far from the popular schema of “school” as it possibly can. Our staff is trained to teach without teaching, which allows kids to learn without the pressure of a typical classroom setting. All our activities can be tailored to every individual’s pace and skills, so no child is left behind. We prove that learning English can be fun!

Our program offers a wide variety of activities ranging from outdoor adventures, gym activities, crafting and creating as well as singing, playing and most importantly laughing together. Our highlights include the obstacle course in the gym, creative arts and crafts, a day outdoors and of course the inevitable encounters with our neighbors, the peacocks.

At the end of the week, the kids put on a spectacular talent show, where everyone gets a chance to stand in the spotlight and show their friends and family what they can do. Our team will assist your kid throughout the process from the first rehearsal to the final curtain bow. Whether theater enthusiast, aspiring musician or literature lover, your child will put on an unforgettable show.

We cater to those looking to attend our school in the future as well as those who are just paying a visit to the GIBS building and family. GIBS Summer School staff consists of both teachers and GIBS upperclassmen, or assistants. Kids love our invaluable assistants because they are closer to their own age, and teenagers are inevitably cooler and more energetic than teachers. All staff members speak excellent English, and some are native speakers, which allows us to confidently say that GIBS Summer School is the optimal place for child to improve their English while having a blast.

See you there!

Isabel Walcher