As an international school, the principles of respect, tolerance and equality at GIBS are a vital part of our DNA. As a UNESCO school, GIBS works towards recognizing diversity and promoting interaction among people from different origins.


GIBS is an active and productive member of the COMENIUS and  ERASMUS+ programs. Over the past years we have been a reliable partner school for several Erasmus+ projects and we have initiated sustainable partnerships ourselves. We have both profited from and contributed to exchanging teaching experiences. We are proud to have been awarded the Erasmus+ Award by the national agency (OEAD) in 2018.


This school year brought major changes in the Erasmus+ program. In order to guarantee the program’s high standards, participating schools had to be accredited as an official Erasmus+ School after  submitting an Erasmus plan for the next six years.


GIBS’ three main objectives are to:


  • send teachers for international teacher training seminars and job shadowing positions in order to maintain an exceptionally high level of teaching throughout our school
  • develop sustainable school partnerships for our students
  • meet the standards of digitalized learning and teaching in the 21st century


Our most recent application was successful and scored 99 out of 100 points, the second highest rating in Austria. This means that for the next six years GIBS will receive Erasmus funding. With this financial support, GIBS teachers can participate in international training to expand their experience and knowledge, our language groups can participate in school exchanges to broaden their personal and academic horizons, and students can spend a semester abroad at one of our European partner schools.

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United in Diversity

Erasmus+ Blog

Erasmus+ Award Gewinner-Schule 2023 GIBS teilt interne Erfolgsfaktoren!

Cooperation with TU Graz

In close cooperation with TU Graz a teacher training programme has been developed for members of staff. The details of this programme can be found under the link given below.

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