Webuntis for Parents/Legal Guardians

During the first week of school you may not see class or personal timetables on Webuntis after logging in. The reason for this is that the allocation of students to classes will be finalized on Tuesday of the first week of school. In order to allow everybody to check class timetables during this time you have two options:

Option one – no login is required

Open the webuntis page for GIBS and click on the icon Stundenplan on the left.

Option two- logged in as a user

Log in as a user on webuntis page for GIBS and click on the icon Weitere Stundenpläne on the left.

Notice: As of week two you will only be able to view timetables as a registered user. Students can log in with their Office365 credentials from schoo. Parents that haven´t registered so far have to register themselves (see guidlines in the respective section on this page).

No login required. Click on the link below to view the office hour per week.

Office Hours of staff on Webuntis

If you register as a parent/legal guardian user on Webuntis you can

  • view your child/ren´s individual timetable
  • report and check absences for/of your child/ren
  • view class register entries
  • register for parents´days online

In order to use the above mentioned options you have to register as a user first on Webuntis. It only takes a few steps.



  • Register as a user.


  • Click on „Noch keinen Zugang? – Registrieren“.


  • Enter your e-mail address in the field „E-Mail Adresse“. This is the e-mail address that you registered as contact e-mail address for your child with the school.
  • Click on „Senden“. You will receive a e-mail with your registration code.









  • Click on „Noch keinen Zugang? – Registrieren“ again.
  • Open the e-mail with your registration code.
  • Enter your registration code and click on „Senden“.















You have successfully registered as a user and can use your user credentials to log on to Webuntis.

Should you forget your password, or would like to change it follow these steps

  • Open Webuntis.
  • In the login dialogue box click on “Passwort vergessen?”.

  • Fill in your user name and the e-mail address (same as user name) and cklick on “Senden”.

Only registered users can view timetables.


If you report an absence online on Webuntis you do not need to contact the school additionally. Please note that you still have to hand in proof of absence, e.g. doctor´s confirmation, etc. to the KV.

  • Login to Webuntis with your user account.
  • Click on the book icon – My Data
  • Fill in the absence
  • Click on Open absences if you want to check the absences of your child

If you would like to schedule a meeting with any member of staff during the official office/contact hour, you can also register online.

Login on Webuntis.

  • Click on the Contacht hours icon.

  • Make sure that the date is set in the future. Choose the teacher you would like to schedule an appointment with by clicking on the respective name.
  • In the dialogue box you will get an overview of vacant and booked time slots. Choose a vacant time slot, enter a note in the message box and click on “Save”.

  • You will get a mail notification of your registration and you will see an overview of your office/contact hours registrations whenever you login to Webuntis in the office/contact hours section.

  • If you wish to cancel an appointment at a later time, you can do so by clicking on the teacher`s name in the respective week. In the dialogue box that opens click on “Drop course”. Both you and the respective teacher will receive an e-mail notification.

During the phase of distance learning for lower school classes both parents and students will have the opportunity to get an overview of the scheduled workload one week in advance, i.e. from Sunday 6 pm onwards you will find the final overview of the week to come on Webuntis. In order to see this overview you need to log in to Webuntis either wit a parent user or student user account and follow the steps listed below

Step 1

Click on My data

Step 2

Go to Homework to see the overview depicting

2. the date by when the task is due

3. the subject

4. the teacher

5. description of the task


Step 3

Click on Homework to open the details view

Here you can finetune the ovierview by

  1. date and
  2. time span