Admission Year 1/Grade 5


Applications 2021/22

The admission phase has closed!

There will be three Year 1 classes with 25 students each. For incoming Year 1 students the admission procedure (school year 2021/ 2022) will be as follows:

  • There will still be an early admissions policy, accepting online applications from December 9, 2020 to January 13, 2021.
  • All applicants must register as either an English-speaking applicant or a German-speaking applicant.
  • For non-English speakers, primary school grades will be taken into consideration.
  • Priority will be given to those applicants who have siblings currently attending GIBS and fulfill the standard GIBS requirements.
  • We will continue to give priority to English-speaking students who fulfill the standard requirements for attending GIBS.
  • English-speaking applicants will take part in an online interview with a native English-speaking  GIBS staff member.  Please note that these interviews are reserved for those students who are raised with English as one of the first languages spoken at home and/or who have attended a school with English as the primary  language of instruction (see Bilingual Applicants below).

In the event that the number of applicants who fulfill all of the requirements still exceeds the number of spots available, additional steps in the student admissions process will be necessary. Information concerning these steps will be made available on our homepage at the end of January 2021.

Parents will receive written confirmation of acceptance or non-acceptance before the semester break (Feb. 15-19, 2021).

Download: Admission/Schüleraufnahme-PDF flyer

Snoopy Days - Changes due to Covid 19

We regret to inform you that, due to the current Covid-19 situation, we canot offer snoopy days this year. Please read the information on Applications 2021/22 above.

Thank you for your interest in our school and your understanding.

Student Admission

Due to the number of applications and the limited capacity of the school we are not able to accept all the children who apply.

English speaking children who meet the standard entrance requirements will be given priority because their presence at our school encourages English as a natural means of communication.

Bilingual Applicants

Criteria for English language competence

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements in language competence (as outlined below) to be accepted as bilingual students. The applicant`s language competence will be assessed in a short, informal interview with the school principal and a native speaker member of GIBS staff.


understand without difficulty accent-free, non-idiomatic speech at normal speed

Pronunciation / Intonation

use a basic vocabulary (everyday nouns, adjectives and verbs);idiomatic use of language is not expected


use basic structures spontaneously and correctly (eg correct, natural use of tenses: simple/progressive function and form of past tenses etc); some errors acceptable


express him/herself in fluent, connected discourse and find alternative ways of saying things; he/she should be able to ask for help or clarification if necessary

Overall impression

take an active part in the interview using the English language with ease and confidence

Application Form

Click on the link below to open the online application form and fill in the data required. You may switch languages by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the form.

Link: application form