Parents Association

The Parents Association of BG GIBS has given itself the task of presenting itself as the contact partner for the various groups within the school. For this reason, special interest groups have been formed in which experienced parents can offer or pass on information. Every parent is sincerely invited to join one of these groups which seek to provide the most efficient contribution to our children’s education in the broadest way possible. The main focus is placed upon deepening the communication between students, teachers and parents. Only an earnest and reciprocal cooperation between home and school can reach the goal of an open and constructive school environment in which good work can be produced. An increased cooperation between parents and school forms a broad foundation of information that can recognize problems before they become difficult to resolve. The parent representatives will always have an open ear for problems. In general, the parents’ association encourages the individual parties involved in notable conflicts to resolve their problem directly. A conversational meeting can be arranged without any problem, as well as delivering to the correct address a message that effects many individuals. In clearly recognizable individual problems, the parents’ association does not wish to stand in between the parties concerned.

Parents Association Board Members

Parents Representatives

Klasse Name
1a Ulla Offenbeck
1a (Stv) Martina Hochreiter-Petzl
1b Maria Huber
1b (Stv) Marlies Hartmann
1c Gerhild Janser-Munro
1c (Stv) Barbara Barry
2a Eva Kainz-Kaufmann
2a (Stv) Susanne Petrovits
2b Martin Rothbart
2b (Stv) Elena Popovska
2c Nicola Dickson
2c (Stv) Emma Somerville
3a Ursula Noakes
3a (Stv) Karin Urbicher
3b Simone Pagger
3b (Stv) Veronika Hier
3c Bettina Sommer
3c (Stv) Jennifer  Schumm
4a Brigitta Seidel
4a (Stv) Krista Sauerwald
4b Ingrid Lefebvre
4b (Stv) Mark Stemberger
4c Michael Schulhofer
4c (Stv) Reinhard Ungerböck
5a Martin Schmid
5a (Stv) Amra Stöckle
5b Christina Walcher
5b (Stv) Monika Winter
5c Kathrin Maier
5c (Stv) Karin Pieber
6a Claudia Hatzl
6a (Stv) Ulrike Primschitz-Kiefer
6b Olaf Hemsen
6b (Stv) Verena Marinitsch
6c Sergio Ramirez
6c (Stv) Eugen Pongratz
7a Beatrix Beichel
7a (Stv) Petra Gatschelhofer
7b Gerda Adler
7b (Stv) Rene-Jürgen Maier
7i Ulla Offenbeck
7i (Stv) Theres Herrgott
8a Peter Cox
8a (Stv) Andreas Trummer
8b Heinz Hager
8b (Stv) Lorenzo Cian
8i Flavio Pizzinato
8i (Stv) Dora Bauer

Guidelines for Parent Representatives

Forward informations to all the class parents

  • from school
  • from the parents association
  • from the GIBS support association
  • from individuals with spezial requests

Forward informations from the parents

  • to the class teacher
  • to the teachers
  • to the head mistress
  • to the parents association

Conduct surveys within the class: Regarding internal and external questions and requests that concern school issues

  • g., school free days, school events, etc.

Coordinate the preparation, execution and follow-up of events for the school for various occasions, e.g.:

  • Summer party (each year, organized by all classes in co-operation with a teacher team for “Social-Events”
  • Christmas bazaar (year 4)
  • Buffet at the Christmas Party (year 4)
  • General activities for exchange students (years 5, 6 and 7)
  • Buffet at the parent-teacher conference day (year 6 )
  • Jazzbrunch (year 7)
  • Support the students in the organization of the “Maturaball” (year 8)
  • Organize the buffet during the oral exams (year 8)

Establish a close community between the class parents

  • Facilitate the contact between the parents and establish mutual trust – by organizing regular informal meetings like
  • excursions, trips to the theatre, skiing etc.,
  • Take requests, concerns and suggestions of parents seriously
  • Appreciate and honour collaboration and commitment/dedication


Support Association/Verein zur Förderung der GIBS

Graz International Bilingual School (GIBS), unlike other international schools, is a public state school that does not charge school tuitional fees to students. However, as a developing multilingual, international school GIBS incurs particular expenses that cannot always be covered by municipal funds. For example, such expenses include:

  • Maintaining native speaker co-teachers
  • Helping students who need support to finance trips abroad
  • Advanced education for teachers
  • Obtaining important learning material specialized for GIBS and therefore not covered by public funding guidelines
  • Translating foreign language learning material
  • Supervising student specialized theses through the Matura in English
  • Maintaining an extensive, multilingual school library

The GIBS Support Association has taken on the responsibility of supporting the school with supplementary funds in order for the school to maintain continuously its international standard. The Support Association finances itself through membership fees paid by student families.

Dear Parents, As at the beginning of every year, we – the treasurers of the VF-GIBS – ask for your membership fees which you agreed to pay as a part of your membership registration. As you know, these funds support many things that contribute to the extraordinary quality of our school, things which cannot be covered by the official school budget: above all the co-teaching with native speakers, the copying of foreign language materials on the copy machine, the financial support of trips abroad, cultural events, projects and a lot more. Exact figures can be found in the VF-GIBS final budget calculations for last year and in the budget for the current school year, both of which will be printed as always in the GIBS-News. Membership fees will be approximately 350 Euro per child per school year. Our guidelines enable a reduction of amount due for families in financial need. If you do not pay the membership fees without providing a reason, your child will not be included in the VF-GIBS support, which will mean that costs for copies, paper and tickets will need to be calculated individually and direct with your child.

  • If you wish to save yourself the need to remember payment deadlines – and save us the necessity of reminding you – you can authorize a direct-debit mandate (Einzugsermächtigung) to VF-GIBS (retractable at all times). This is the simplest option for you and us: please return the enclosed form completed to us and we will take care of the rest. The best way to return the form is within an envelope addressed to “VF-GIBS, Mrs Elke Probst” which your child can leave either in the school office or with your child’s form teacher.
  • Otherwise we request a direct transfer (Überweisung) or an automatic transfer (Dauerauftrag) of funds to our account:

Recipient: Verein zur Förderung der GIBS, 8020 Graz IBAN: AT26 3800 0000 0246 6977 BIC: RZSTAT2G (Raiffeisenbank) Reason for Payment: Membership fees for <Child’s Name> Please do not send monthly payment (this results in enormous paper work for our volunteer staff), rather select one of the following options:

  • One payment of 350 €  (in November)
  • Two payments of 175 € (in November and January)
  • Three payments of 116,70 € (in November, January and March)

With best wishes for a successful school year! The Treasurers of VF-GIBS: Elke Probst and Renate Krenn-Mayer (

The Board of Trustees for the Association for the Endowment of G.I.B.S. established within its charter the readiness to support students during confirmed excursions in foreign countries, in so far as these visits are specifically school related and that the financial aid required by the parents or guardians can be properly demonstrated. “Specifically school related” is to be understood as describing excursions whose direct and foremost concern is language study, the trip being suitable in kind to G.I.B.S. and one in which the participation of all students would enrich the learning experience for the class as a whole. As such, excursions such as sport weeks, ski courses, educational field trips, etc., would not qualify, being offered as well at other high schools and financed by parents or guardians. The goal of this support is to reduce the additional expenditures resulting from those activities that are specifically G.I.B.S. related in order to prevent the development of academic disadvantages resulting from non-participation. The VF G.I.B.S. membership fees will cover the total financial assistance of all planned excursions, whose maximum amount is determined by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of each school year. The amount of individual assistance granted is thereby dependent upon the number of submitted applications, their particular destinations and respective travel costs. Due to annual budgeting conditions, a subsequent application for increased funding is not possible, as it would cut into already allocated funds. As the individual assistance per student can vary from year to year, the applicant may not request a particular amount of funding. Prerequisites for the Granting of Financial Assistance

  1. The applicant must be a registered member of VF G.I.B.S. whose membership fees (whether normal or pro-rated) are in good standing.
  2. To request student assistance for participating in school events during the current school year, an application must be submitted to the Styrian School Board (Landesschulrat) with a copy sent to VF G.I.B.S.
  3. Note: Recognition of need by the School Board is not necessary because the VF G.I.B.S. has established higher qualifying limits. Nevertheless, the application provides the VF G.I.B.S. with an estimation of the family’s income for its own budgeting calculations. The VF will designate two trusted persons with the evaluation of this data so as to insure the discretion of this process.
  4. A letter of application with the enclosed copy of the School Board application (see point 2) as well as a thorough explanation for all apparently unusual expenses is to be delivered to VF G.I.B.S.
  5. Note: Unusual expenses are considered valid only when they arise from true emergency situations. House additions or renovations, mortgages, education expenses, etc. will not be considered.
  6. Applications submitted prior to the annual deadline, yet subsequent to the actual event, will of course be accepted and reviewed as described above with a grant being issued accordingly. However, applications submitted after the annual deadline can no longer be reviewed.
  7. The individual amount of funding will be assessed taking into consideration a) the income of the family with its own particular constellation, b) the estimated budget designated by the VF Board of Trustees and c) the number of and kind of all other planned school excursions.
  8. Note: Within the parameters expressed above, the entrusted persons will work out an encompassing assistance concept to be delivered to the VF Board of Trustees for their approval.
  9. A legal claim to an allocation of VF funds is not an option.
Students in earnest need of financial support for excursions abroad are encouraged to approach the VF-GIBS with an application for Student Financial Support, which needs to be submitted first to the School Board (Landesschulrat).
Spokesman Dr. Günter Riegler
Vice-Spokesman Mag. Birgit Schnedl
Honorary Spokeswoman Mag. Elisabeth Fleischmann
Honorary Spokesman Univ.Prof. Dr. Peter Bierbaumer
Cashier Elke Probst
Vice-Cashier Dr. Renate Krenn-Mayer
Accountants Mag. Heinz Drobesch
Waltraud Gröblacher, Msc.MA
Secretary Dr. Markus Tomaschitz
Vice-Secretary Mag. Lisbeth Wilding
Advisors Dr. Hannes Hick
Mag. Ulla Offenbeck
Mag. Gernot Pagger
DI Ulrike Primschitz
Univ.Prof. Dr. Markus Seidel
Coopted to the board Mag. Imelda Görög (principal)
Jürgen Steinbrenner (chairman of parents‘ association)
Matteo Cian (student representative)