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Applications 2021/22

Applications for enrolment into Year 1 of school year 2021/22 may be submitted between 9:00 and 12:00 daily as well as Thursdays between 13:00 and 15:00 from 9 Dec. 2020 until and including 13 Jan. 2021 (NOT during Christmas break!).

  • Please bring the applicant’s
    • year 3 primary school (Volksschule) report card
    • a photograph of the child (passport size)
    • a copy of the passport of the child
    • Austrian social security number


  • Application form English/German – link
  • When submitting the application in the school office, an interview appointment will be arranged for January 2021.

Parents will receive written confirmation of acceptance or non-acceptance before the semester break.

Snoopy Days

To become acquainted with the daily school routine at GIBS, interested primary school (Volksschule) children have the option of “snooping” through a Year 1 class day.

From 21 Oct. 2019 until and including 18 Dec. 2019.
As of Mon. 14 Oct. 2019 an appointment may be arranged with the secretary in the school office between 08:30 and 13:00 (Tel.: 0316/77-10-50).

Student Admission

Due to the number of applications and the limited capacity of the school we are not able to accept all the children who apply.

English speaking children who meet the standard entrance requirements will be given priority because their presence at our school encourages English as a natural means of communication.

Bilingual applicants

Criteria for English language competence

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements in language competence (as outlined below) to be accepted as bilingual students. The applicant`s language competence will be assessed in a short, informal interview with the school principal and a native speaker member of GIBS staff.


understand without difficulty accent-free, non-idiomatic speech at normal speed

Pronunciation / Intonation

use a basic vocabulary (everyday nouns, adjectives and verbs);idiomatic use of language is not expected


use basic structures spontaneously and correctly (eg correct, natural use of tenses: simple/progressive function and form of past tenses etc); some errors acceptable


express him/herself in fluent, connected discourse and find alternative ways of saying things; he/she should be able to ask for help or clarification if necessary

Overall impression

take an active part in the interview using the English language with ease and confidence

Application Form

NOTE: enrolment into Year 1 of school year 2021/22 has been closed until further notice.


Click on the link below to open the online application form and fill in the data required. You may switch languages by clicking on the chevron in the top right corner of the form.

Link: application form – currently deactivated.