• After school care in English
  • Group lunch enjoyed together
  • Homework assistance
  • Additional learning assistance in the core subjects with GIBS teachers
  • A variety of free time activities such as board games, sports in the gym or crafts
  • Exchange of ideas and keeping in touch with parents on a regular basis
  • Special activities with all ACE students around Christmas and at the end of each school year


Michaela Blumrich

Philipp Stummer

00 43 316 771050 19

Further Information


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
period 7
13:20-14:00 Lunch and free time
study time
14:00-14:45 Homework and revision
period 9
14:45-15:40 Optional classes: drama, soccer, choir, basketball, typing Additional assistance in the subjects E, M, D, Sp, F (optional)
period 10
15:40-16:25 Free time (sports and games in the gym or outdoors, indoor games, reading, relaxing…)

Costs for ACE supervision per month


2-3* days/week 52,80 €
4 days/week 70,40 €
5 days/week 88,00 €

* 2 days only with the school principal‘s permission


Costs for lunch per month


2 days/week 50,00 €
3 days/week 73,00 €
4 days/week 95,00 €
5 days/week 119,00 €
  • Spacious indoor area for After School Care in our new building
  • Different rooms based on the children’s needs (studying, relaxing, playing games)
  • Special dining facilities for ACE
  • Direct access to our lawn area
  • Food catered by Augustinum (Bischöfliches Seminar), a catering company with an outstanding reputation
  • Organic fruit and vegetables
  • Organic meat and free range eggs
  • 2 lunch options (one being vegetarian), salad bar, soup and dessert