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Last change: 07.07.2017


Dear Parents, As at the beginning of every year, we – the treasurers of the VF-GIBS – ask for your membership fees which you agreed to pay as a part of your membership registration.

As you know, these funds support many things that contribute to the extraordinary quality of our school, things which cannot be covered by the official school budget: above all the co-teaching with native speakers, the copying of foreign language materials on the copy machine, the financial support of trips abroad, cultural events, projects and a lot more.

Exact figures can be found in the VF-GIBS final budget calculations for last year and in the budget for the current school year, both of which will be printed as always in the GIBS-News.

Membership fees will be approximately 350 Euro per child per school year.

Our guidelines enable a reduction of amount due for families in financial need. If you do not pay the membership fees without providing a reason, your child will not be included in the VF-GIBS support, which will mean that costs for copies, paper and tickets will need to be calculated individually and direct with your child.

  • If you wish to save yourself the need to remember payment deadlines – and save us the necessity of reminding you – you can authorize a direct-debit mandate (Einzugsermächtigung) to VF-GIBS (retractable at all times). This is the simplest option for you and us: please return the enclosed form completed to us and we will take care of the rest. The best way to return the form is within an envelope addressed to “VF-GIBS, Mrs Elke Probst” which your child can leave either in the school office or with your child’s form teacher.
  • Otherwise we request a direct transfer (Überweisung) or an automatic transfer (Dauerauftrag) of funds to our account:

Recipient: Verein zur Förderung der GIBS, 8020 Graz
IBAN: AT26 3800 0000 0246 6977
BIC: RZSTAT2G (Raiffeisenbank)
Reason for Payment: Membership fees for <Child’s Name>

Please do not send monthly payment (this results in enormous paper work for our volunteer staff), rather select one of the following options:

  • One payment of 350 €  (in November)
  • Two payments of 175 € (in November and January)
  • Three payments of 116,70 € (in November, January and March)

With best wishes for a successful school year!
The Treasurers of VF-GIBS:

Elke Probst and Renate Krenn-Mayer

Direct debit: link