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Last change: 07.07.2017


The Parents Association of BG GIBS has given itself the task of presenting itself as the contact partner for the various groups within the school. For this reason, special interest groups have been formed in which experienced parents can offer or pass on information. Every parent is sincerely invited to join one of these groups which seek to provide the most efficient contribution to our children’s education in the broadest way possible.

The main focus is placed upon deepening the communication between students, teachers and parents. Only an earnest and reciprocal cooperation between home and school can reach the goal of an open and constructive school environment in which good work can be produced. An increased cooperation between parents and school forms a broad foundation of information that can recognize problems before they become difficult to resolve.

The parent representatives will always have an open ear for problems. In general, the parents’ association encourages the individual parties involved in notable conflicts to resolve their problem directly. A conversational meeting can be arranged without any problem, as well as delivering to the correct address a message that effects many individuals. In clearly recognizable individual problems, the parents’ association does not wish to stand in between the parties concerned.


Every student contributes a € 4,– membership fee. This sum, together with the VF-GIBS membership fee, is transferred to the Cashier of the parents’ association.