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Reisen & Exkursionen

Euroscola 2015


We, a group of motivated students from 7abc and 8a had the pleasure to go on a trip to Strasbourg and spend a day at the…

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Field Trip to the Jolly Factory


As always, it was a great experience for our 2a, 2b and 2c students to get an insight into the famous Jolly color pencil production….

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Nous Sommes Bardo


Voyage d’Etude en Tunisie.

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El Intercambio con “Nuestros“ Vascos


Nada más llegar los vascos al aeropuerto de Graz empezaron las sonrisas. Y con la suya, nos acompañó el sol brillando durante toda la semana…

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Ski Trip Year 3


Students of 3a, 3b and 3c spent a wonderful week skiing and snowboarding in Obertauern. Dark blue skies, heaps of powder snow, fog and gusts…

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Nature Tout Simple-Ment 2


Im Rahmen des langjährigen Projekts „Rencontres Interculturelles“ mit dem Lycée Idéal in Nabeul, TUNESIEN besuchten Schüler und Schülerinnen aus dem Lycée Idéal ihre Partner, um…

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Trip to Flavia Solva


Early in the morning the Latin students of year six were on the way to the south of Styria. After being held up in a…

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Our Amazing Trip to Rome!


Saturday evening, Graz Central station. The Latin students of year seven meet to start their trip to Rome with Ms. Schatz (who is actually spending…

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Nature-tout Simple-Ment


In the course of the project Rencontres Interculturelles a group of GIBS students spent a week in Tunisia working closely together with students and teachers…

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Привет Россия!

St Petersburg 2014

For the third time the exchange between St. Petersburg and Graz has taken place sucessfully. After a hearty welcome at the School Nr. 397 by…

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