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Reisen & Exkursionen

Le groupe de français des 7abc était en France


Les élèves de la 7abc qui ont français en 3e langue vivante ont passé une semaine à Poitiers, au lycée LP2I (Lycée pilote innovant international)…

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Meet the World Religions


In year five, the students are mainly concerned with World Religions. During this trip to Vienna 5c got the chance to meet representatives of the…

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¡Agur a los vascos!


Pasaron una semana con nosotros, nuestros amigos del País Vasco. Una semana de salidas a la nieve (Gaberl), de paseos por Viena y el centro…

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Euroscola 2014


Euroscola Trip to Strasbourg, February 5-7th, 2014
Geography Elective: The European Union
Teachers: Michaela Blumrich, Martina Pfistermüller

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Kunstprojekt Entourages


Rencontres Interculturelles

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Мы были в России!


After a 3-hour flight with ROSSIYA airlines 15 students from year 7 accompanied by Mr Fröhlich and Mr Stierschneider arrived at Pulkovo I airport and…

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Saxa loquuntur – Sprechende Steine

saxa loquuntursm

What was awaiting us was a fascinating day, focusing on Austria Romana. After having passed the remains of the once mighty Roman city of Flavia…

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Venimus, vidimus, redibimus!


After a smooth overnight train ride XX discipuli discipulaeque linguae Latinae laetissimi arrived in the eternal city on a quiet Sunday morning. Magno cum gaudio…

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Projet/Ateliers d’ ART dans le cadre  des „Rencontres Interculturelles“ entre les élèves du lycée Idéal et du lycée GIBS  du 29.9. au 6.10. 2013 Link: Projektablauf…

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European Youth Parliament, Linz 2013


In April 2013 the European Youth Parliament called for a national session in Linz. Ambitious young adults were invited to work on topics concerning the…

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