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Reisen & Exkursionen

Nuestro intercambio con Sant Cugat


We spent a really great week in Sant Cugat near Barcelona. We got to see a lot of beautiful places and got to know a…

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The Secret of Hirschegg


When 1a left for Hirschegg on Wednesday, they couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen. They would be the ones to finally discover the…

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1b’s Hirschegg


… that is: singing and clapping on the bus and mountains and sunshine and a little bit of rain and the Blue Potato and the…

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California Dreamin‘

6b USA-2014_7

From the icy cold shores of Lake Tahoe to the burning sun in San Francisco – we lived the Californian dream. After spending an awesome…

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Minnehaha here we come!

6a Minneapolis-2014_21

The most exciting school trip we have been to is, by general agreement, our most recent one. We, 6a, left Austria for two weeks to…

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Oui, on parle francais!


Après s’ être rencontré à Graz déjà en avril le groupe de francais de la 5bc est parti en échange début mai pour retrouver leurs…

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Splish, Splash – World Water Day


On March 21, 2b students had their Geography outing to the sewage treatment plant in Gössendorf, where the Weltwassertag 2014 war celebrated on that day….

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A JOLLY Good Day!


On March 26 and 28, 2a and 2c students went to the Jolly factory to experience how different kinds of pencils are produced. The tour…

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Les élèves de 5ab sur les traces de Louis XIV et à la découverte de Paris!


Qui ne la connaît pas – cette fameuse phrase« L´état, c´est moi » probablement prononcée par Louis XIV. Les élèves de la 5ab ont eu la chance…

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Gymnase de Morges/SUISSE à GIBS


Dimanche, sept heures du matin- on les attend avec impatience. Et les voilà! Le train est à l’heure. Nos correspondants descendent, l’aventure de faire la…

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