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Eurolingua 2014

Great Success for GIBS Students

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¡Agur a los vascos!


Pasaron una semana con nosotros, nuestros amigos del País Vasco. Una semana de salidas a la nieve (Gaberl), de paseos por Viena y el centro…

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People to People Homestay


Would you like to host a People to People guest student?

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Musical Talents at GIBS


Last week at the Prima la Musica competition several Year 1 GIBS students achieved excellent results: Tara Stranegger, 1b (first place with distinction on the…

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Educational Software Made in Graz


What do Google, Graz and GIBS have in common?

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Year 8 Students Take IELTS Exam


70 students from this year’s year8 classes took the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam at Graz University. The exam tests C1 level and…

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Shaping the future – Wir gestalten Zukunft


We, the students of 3b class, were awarded a prize that we won by taking part in a competition organized by the Fachverband Maschinen-& Metallwarenindustrie…

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Euroscola 2014


Euroscola Trip to Strasbourg, February 5-7th, 2014
Geography Elective: The European Union
Teachers: Michaela Blumrich, Martina Pfistermüller

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Asterix et Lucky Luke


Atelier de la BD – 9ième art en France.

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Cafe Centropa in Graz


Year 7 GIBS students met a group of Holocaust survivors from Vienna at Cafe Kaiserfeld to listen to their stories and have coffee. The visitors…

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