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Field trip to the Jolly Pencil Factory


It has almost become a tradition – our yearly field trip to the Jolly factory, organized by the Geography and Crafts departments. This year, 2a,…

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Wirtschaftsmuseum @ GIBS


Did you know that our Austrian National Bank was once a plc? And what did Ludwig van Beethoven have to do with it? If you…

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Nahost-Expertin Dr. Karin Kneissl @ GIBS


Die 7. Und 8. Klassen durften am 16.3. Frau Kneissls Ausführungen zu den verschiedenen Konflikten im Nahen Osten lauschen und zeigten sich beeindruckt von der…

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Mainz – A Great Experience


We, five students from 6a, got the opportunity to participate in the “Erasmus Plus” project which was organized by the EU. The overall topic of…

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Great Success for GIBS Students

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Sensational GIBS Gymnasts


This year’s TURN 10 competition proved to be the hardest-fought in years. Our sensational GIBS year-2- gymnastic team (Eva Winter, Julia Schmid, Ida Haidvogl, Gloria…

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Urban Future


The URBAN FUTURE is Central Europe’s biggest conference for sustainable cities. GIBS students got the chance to attend keynote lectures of international specialist from cities…

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Schulschimeisterschaften 2016 in Gaal


On Tuesday, February 9, 2016 55 GIBS students went to Gaal to compete in this year`s main ski and snowboard event. 19 volunteers from year…

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ERASMUS + Project ICELAND 2016

cover photo

From the 21st to the 27th of November, three girls and two boys from 6b went to ICELAND to participate in an Erasmus sustainability project….

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Come on Girls, Let’s Play!


As in the last years our year 1 girls had the chance to enjoy several weeks of basketball training with a professional coach (a great…

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