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Schulschimeisterschaften 2016 in Gaal


On Tuesday, February 9, 2016 55 GIBS students went to Gaal to compete in this year`s main ski and snowboard event. 19 volunteers from year…

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ERASMUS + Project ICELAND 2016

cover photo

From the 21st to the 27th of November, three girls and two boys from 6b went to ICELAND to participate in an Erasmus sustainability project….

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Come on Girls, Let’s Play!


As in the last years our year 1 girls had the chance to enjoy several weeks of basketball training with a professional coach (a great…

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volleyball boys 2016

At the Landesfinale of the Volleyball School Championships Boys (February 11th 2016, Blue Box Hib Liebenau) the GIBS team consisting of Mathieu Springer, 3b Elia…

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Ines Kirsten – Dressed for Success

Kirsten Ines

Ines Kirsten, 7a performed incredibly well at the Alpe Adria Cup. For the first time in the cup`s history Ines managed to get on the…

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Ski Trip Year 2


The students of 2a, 2b and 2c hada wonderful time skiing and snowboarding at Planneralm. Here is what they have to say,      …

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Besuch des Justizministers Dr.Wolfgang Brandstetter


Zwei Schulstunden können lange sein, zwei Stunden Staatsbürgerkunde gemixt mit persönlichen Anekdoten aus dem Leben eines Ministers scheinen im Vergleich dazu sehr kurz. Die Pressesprecherin…

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Rocket Science at GIBS


We got the chance to design and assemble our own paper rockets in small groups during our physics lessons in order to help strengthen our…

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Des corps et des âmes


L’écrivain et peintre libanais Khalil Gibran dit : « Votre corps n’est que la harpe de votre âme et c’est à vous qu’il revient d’en tirer accord mélodieux…

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Schulschimeisterschaften 2016


Schi/Snowboardmeisterschaften : Wald/Schoberpass Dienstag, 9.2.2016 Sign up now! Deadline: Friday, 29.1.2016 See info sheet

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