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Last change: 07.07.2017

Laufcup 2012 – Final Run

More than 25 GIBS runners took part in the final competition in Eggenberg.

Have a look at the great results:

NUMBER ONE :                Clara Kupferschmid ,1C and Lydia Zapusek,6B

Top 3:                                 Alexander Pur,2A , Georg Gröll, 3A, Johanna Trummer, 5A

Top 10 :

Zoe Flor 2a;  Felix Thurner 1C, Rosa Trummer, 2a; Lea Blagojevic 3c; Ines Kirsten, 3a; Ricarda Pfingstl, 5A;  Nikolaus Greimel, 6C

GIBS runners:

Elena Zeiner, 2a; Florentine Rom, 2a; Lilly Meister, 1C; Elisabeth Reinisch, 1B; Cornelia Rom, 2A; Laura Jungwirth, 2A

Jakob Pertl, 2A; Lukas Ertl, 1B; Lukas Thurner, 1B; Thomas Kainz; 1C, Leander Haas, 1C

Alexandra Recher, 3B; Anna Eber, 3C; Maha Eddaoudi, 3C; Christiane Schmidt, 3C

Nico Raic, 3C, Johannes Solhdju, 4A

Keep on running !

We are waiting for the CUP results 2011/12 !

Brigitte Greimel- Wasner

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