Teaching Objectives Geography

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The following learning objectives comprise all requirements, abilities and skills each student at GIBS should fulfil after being taught Geography for 8 years.

Intensive Phase (September – December)

During the intensive phase students are supposed to acquire both the vocabulary and simple grammatical structures that will enable them to successfully participate in basic bilingual Geography and Economics lessons later on.

The following geographical topics and skills closely linked to the subject are part of the GWK lessons during the Intensive Phase.

Students should be able to

  • name the Austrian provinces and their capital cities and locate them on a map;
  • name and locate the continents and main oceans and locate them on a map;
  • name the European countries and nationalities and locate the countries on a map;
  • find given places in the atlas;
  • describe simple landscape features;
  • talk about the weather and the main climatic factors.

January – June (2 periods / week)

During the remainder of Year 1 students should

  • acquire basic knowledge of the Earth and its shape;
  • understand that there is a regular pattern of climates on Earth;
  • be able to locate any place using latitude and longitude references;
  • gain insight into the way people live and work in different living spaces (rain forest, desert, mountain, coast);
  • discover how people cope with natural hazards.