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1b’s Hirschegg


… that is: singing and clapping on the bus and mountains and sunshine and a little bit of rain and the Blue Potato and the…

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Ganz Recht!


The Religion Department has recently organized an exhibition called Gegen Stammtischparolen. As the name indicates this project is more than an ordinary exhibition: it is…

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Laufcup 2014 – Overall Results

Laufcup GIBS team

Another successful Laufcup season is over and again the GIBS runners did an excellent job. Here are the overall results of our great team of…

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California Dreamin‘

6b USA-2014_7

From the icy cold shores of Lake Tahoe to the burning sun in San Francisco – we lived the Californian dream. After spending an awesome…

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Minnehaha here we come!

6a Minneapolis-2014_21

The most exciting school trip we have been to is, by general agreement, our most recent one. We, 6a, left Austria for two weeks to…

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GIBS Olympians


This year five of our GIBS students qualified for the 40th Austrian Chemistry Olympics and competed against 60 of the best chemistry students of Styria….

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Artistic Champion

Reithofer Clara

Clara Reithofer  (7c)  has won the Styrian Championships  in Artistic Gymnastics. Clara did an outstanding performance. She was the best in all four disciplines: jump,…

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Basketball Schoolcup 2013/14


Like so many times before the GIBS boys basketball team made it to the Austrian finals 2014. Unfortunately, they were not as lucky this time…

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Come on girls, let’s play!


Last Friday, May 9 a group of girls from 1ABC and 2BC participated in the Basketball Girls Cup (2002 and younger) at Unionhalle. Unfortunately, we…

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Prix des Lycéens 2014 à GIBS


Dans le cadre du Prix des Lycéens 2014 , concours de littérature de jeunesse, projet merveilleux initié par l’ ambassade de France et l’ Institut…

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