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Last change: 07.07.2017

Sensational Success of Girls’ Soccer Team

After they reached the final round of this year’s “BALLarina” soccer tournament in Graz, our GIBS squad (mainly girls from 2abc and 1a) proved again to be amongst the best players in all of Styria. In an unexpected but highly deserved victory against HS/NMS Lebring our girls finally came in 3rd of 16 teams in the final round. It goes without saying that they can be very proud of their great performance and that we congratulate all of you!


TEAM: 1a (Venla), 2a (Rosa, Elena, Karo & Laura), 2b (Johanna, Emma, Elisa), 2c (Irma, Clara)

See the final results below:

Top-Scorer: Johanna Komposch (2b) (4 goals), Venla Lymsalo (1), Irma Rathofer (1), Elena Zeiner (1)

NMS Klusemannstraße: GIBS (0:2)    win
GIBS: HS /RS II NMS Leibnitz (1:0)    win
GIBS: HS Schwanberg (0:0)               draw
SHS Weiz: GIBS (1:1)                        draw

Abteigymnasium Seckau: GIBS (0:0)    draw
SMS Bruckner : GIBS (0:0)                  draw

Semi-Finals: GIBS – BG Borg Liebenau (0:1)    loss
Game for 3rd/4th place:
GIBS: HS/NMS Lebring (3:1)        win

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