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Last change: 07.07.2017

2C Visits Naturerlebnispark

In line with the Biology unit focused on Water, 2C visited Naturerlebnispark in Andritz on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8th and 9th. The first part of the excursion involved stations that answered the following questions:

a) How much water do various fruits hold?

b) What is the Rose of Jericho?

c) Why do different mineral waters have different tastes?

d) What are the special properties of bärlappsporen?

e) What variety of life does one find in a pond?

The second part of the excursion involved getting into groups of about five, formulating research questions, conducting experiments and presenting results.

On Tuesday during break time, some 2c girls showed off their acrobatic skills!

The favorite activity was hunting for Kaulquappen, Teilmolche, Baby Hechte, Schnecken, Pferdeegel, Wasserskorpion and Eintagsfliegenlarven in a big nearby pond teeming with plant and animal life.

We had sunny weather, curious students and excellent presentations…enjoy the pictures!

Nini Heugle

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